Mission :

Our mission is to bring together the bright alumni of our St. Anthony’s High School under one roof, to help our favorite loving school. Our school has a glorious past with over 120 years of providing its students with priceless education, knowledge, and discipline. Over the years our school has contributed to the society with over 10,000 of its students who are now into several eminent positions in every walk of life and made them best citizens and kept the banner of the school flying high.

Ever since the Government withdrew the Aided teachers in 2005, the school is finding it difficult to bring in talented teachers to replace those who retired. This is affecting the quality of education and the school is fast losing its place of eminence.

We, the alumni of the school must come together to provide financial and moral support to the school management, in this hour of distress. The mission is to create a corpus, the income from which can be used for the school to tide over the financial crisis. With financial end taken care of, the school can do what it is best at. Turning out well educated, quality citizens year after year. This would be our way of saying Thank You, Saint Anthony’s High School.

Thus as a trust, our mission is to unite all the alumni of our school and help OUR St. Anthony’s school to regain its previous glory.

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