MOU with School


This Memorandum of Understanding is entered into by and between St. Anthony’s Alumni Educational & Charitable Trust, having its registered office at ………………… , herein after referred to as the Trust and the Management of the St. Anthony’s High School, having its office at ……………… herein after referred to as the Management.

Both the above parties have inter alia had discussions on promoting the education standards of the St. Anthony’s High School through enhancing the quality of teaching in the school which could be best achieved through providing adequate skills and financial support to teachers.

The Management of the School having committed to the cause of providing good quality education has requested the support of the Trust. Both the parties having agreed to serve the cause of education, have thought it appropriate to reduce to writing the understanding reached between them in furtherance of the objective.


  1. The Management of the School and the Trust shall mutually identify the teachers eligible for assistance and the terms of support. The Trust shall nominate its representatives to be members of the board which would be responsible for recruitment and retrenchment of teachers who would be considered for financial assistance.
  2. The number of teachers, the quantum of financial assistance that would be extended to them and the period for which such assistance would be extended shall be at the sole discretion of the Trust. However, the Trust assures the Management that the financial assistance would not be withdrawn during the middle of the academic year except in circumstances more explicitly explained elsewhere in the understanding.
  3. The Trust may consider extending the assistance in the form of paying the complete or part of the salary of the teachers’ identified to be eligible for support. The mode of payment of financial assistance shall be mutually decided by the Trust and the Management from time to time.
  4. The Trust reserves the right to withdraw / stop / discontinue the financial assistance to the teachers’ or the Management in the event the desired objectives are not achieved or the teachers are found to be insincere towards the fulfillment of the Trust’s objectives.
  5. The Management of the School shall undertake to ensure that the highest standards of teaching and education are maintained at all times. The Management shall be responsible to ensure that the teacher’s discharge their duties diligently. Management shall monitor the performance periodically and shall report to the Trust. The Management shall further monitor the progress of the students from time to time and shall report the progress periodically to the Trust.
  6. The Management shall arrange to convene a quarterly meeting with the Trust. The meeting shall be attended to by the Head Master of the school and designated representatives from the school and the Trust. The modalities of operations in terms of providing the financial assistance, the methodologies to be adopted for recruiting / identifying the teacher’s eligible for assistance, the terms of payment of financial assistance, the expected results, review of performance etc. shall be the matters for consideration at the quarterly meetings.
  7. The minutes of such quarterly meeting shall be recorded and shall be strictly abided to by both the parties. The decisions taken at such quarterly meetings shall be deemed to a part of this MOU and shall be implemented in so far as they do not contradict and contravene the objectives of the Trust and the present MOU.
  8. The Management of the school shall be open to the idea of converting the school into an English medium school, if considered appropriate, in due course of time.
  9. The development and maintenance of the desired infrastructure in the school shall be the responsibility of the School Management. Lack of infrastructure shall not hamper achieving the objectives of this MOU.
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